[Chameleon] Dynamic query result sid error

David Dabney David.Dabney at noaa.gov
Wed May 4 17:19:18 EDT 2005

I hope this ends up being a simple fix. I've been using Chameleon on and 
off for the past few months. I started to use a customized query results 
page which was working a month or so ago.  I recently got back to 
working on this project and now the results dialogue only returns "Your 
session is invalid or has expired."  The only thing I've changed in the 
mean time that could affect this as far as I know is upgraded to PHP 
4.3.11 from 4.3.8 and went up to mapserver 4.4.2 from 4.2.  A Windows XP 
upgrade or two also.    

This is the resulting url when it trys to run my custom query window:

Obviously, it looks like a problem with sid. 

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



Below are snippets from my .html template file.

<script language="JavaScript">
 function myOnLoad()

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
  function myOnQuery( nX, nY )
    var url = 'ddquery.phtml?x=' + nX + '&y=' + nY + '&sid=' + document.forms[0].sid.value;


<body class="page" onLoad="myOnLoad()">

<form method="post">


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