[Chameleon] Performance and other ideas

Ivan Pirlik ivan.pirlik at gmail.com
Mon May 9 11:23:06 EDT 2005

Hi list,
a couple of weeks ago I've developed a demo of a googlemaps-like page with 
mapserver as a backend. As you may know, that solution requires splitting 
the map into smaller squares. When I tried it, I noticed that the 
performance hit making multiple requests to mapserver was unbearable (5-6 
seconds on 100% cpu on my medium developer machine). Also, labeling was 
obviously cut at fragment borders.
The only solution I found was caching the whole map, cut into fragments, and 
then serving them; of course disk space is a concern, since one have to 
cache all possible zoom levels and layer combinations (one possibility would 
be to display the layers as multiple transparent images one on top of the 
other, but I'm not sure it's feasible).
-could mapserver performance be the bottleneck, especially on a system with 
many concurrent queries? Chameleon fast enough to me, but I'm using the 
-did anyone consider implementing something similar? I would rather extend 
MapDHTML than build a whole new system.
Any thoughts?


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