[Chameleon] Maptips and PostGIS

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Tue May 10 06:16:43 EDT 2005

Hello again,

I have done some more investigations regarding the problem of PostGIS 
layers not recognized by the Maptips widget. It works fine with shapes 
but not with PostGIS. Until now, I found that the getShape function:

                $oShape = $oLayer->getShape($nTile, 0 );

in LayerAttributes.php does not return an object if the layer is a 
PostGIS layer. Therefore, the layer does not appear in the selection dialog.

If I use $oLayer->getItems() to retrieve the attributes of the layers, 
they at least appear in the "Configure MapTips", but nothing happens 
within the map. Might this be specific to the development version of 
Mapserver/MapScript (see below for the configuration)?

By the way, clicking <OK> in the "Configure MapTips" executes the 
currently active navigation function, e.g. ZoomIn or ZoomOut. Is this a 
misconfiguration or a bug?

Finally, my configuration:

Windows XP Pro
Postgres 8 nativ Windows
PostGIS 1.0
Apache 2.0.53
PHP 5.0.3 (modul)
Mapserver and Mapscript 4.5 (development version from MapTools.org).

Dirk Jesko

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