[Chameleon] Ugly, how to find reason for random chrashes in Chameleon/PHP/NTDLL.dll

erik erik1969 at mailhaven.com
Wed May 11 17:52:50 EDT 2005


I second your guess regarding Mapserver. I did verify with Bart who compiled
the binary that we use the same PHP version. I hope to test everything on
another machine, perhaps with Win2000. I think I also should test the
Mapserver/Mapscript binaries on a plain Apache/PHP setup, without the ms4w
and Chameleon environment.

Anyway, I'm a bit surprised that it is so hard to find
Mapserver/PHP-Mapscript binaries with Oracle support on Windows. I mean,
lots of people use mapserver, Oracle is a popular database, and PHP is
perhaps the most popular web-scripting language. Still I couldn't find such
a Mapserver binary. Fortunately it was kindly provided to me by Bart van den
Eijnden at http://www.xs4all.nl/~bartvde/

Perhaps I just have to dig in and setup a compiling environment for all this
myself, since I will need such Mapserver binaries in the future also. The
documentation on the Mapserver home pages basically just say "good luck" to
those who plan to compile this setup on Windows :-/


Paul Spencer wrote:
> yikes.  Never seen this, nor heard of it until now.  Of course, I'm on
> linux so that's not particularly startling ;)
> I personally suspect your mapserver build.  Can you try it with a
> different version (i.e. a 4.4.2 version)?  One without the Oracle drivers?
> Paul


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