[Chameleon] scale widget in jsapi mode lagging behind

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Fri May 13 12:26:28 EDT 2005

Hi Bart,

I have the same zoom thing happening, but only for IE and Konqueror. In 
my case only Firefox/Mozilla zooms immediately. Suspected reason is the 
difference in support of onload events in the different browsers.


Bart van den Eijnden schreef:

>Hi list,
>Did anyone ever notice this or have a fix for this?
>The scale widget is ays lagging one step behind, and apparently this is because goCWCJSAPI.oMap.scale lags one value behind. So at the first zoomin, the scale is not changed. At the second zoom in, the scale from the situation after the first zoomin is displayed.
>Also, it would also be a nice enhancment if the scale widget would get a ROUND attribute which determines whether or not values need to be rounded. Now I get values like 58113.3444 which do not represent the accuracy which is to be expected.
>Best regards,
>Bart van den Eijnden
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