[Chameleon] Locate Widgets Problem

Rajan Man Bajracharya rbajracharya at icimod.org.np
Wed May 18 13:26:00 EDT 2005

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for a quick reply. That would be great if you send me the widget.

Best regards,

At 08:32 AM 5/18/2005 +0800, Jacob Delfos wrote:
>Hi Rajan,
>I have a widget which *may* be of help, but it only works with (non-tiled) 
>shapefiles at this stage. Reason is I'm having trouble with the "getShape" 
>request on postgis layers (anyone?), and getting an object count.
>It places comboboxes on the page for the layer, and the attribute names, 
>and the search string can be entered in a textbox. It will list the 
>results, and focus the map on them. Let me know if you want me to send it 
>to you.
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>Dear All,
>I am using the latest version of Chameleon. I got stuck creating search
>services to my application.
>Actually, I want to locate using "search by attribute" to my input feature
>layers(points). I've tried creating new search service in
>/phpgeocoder/services/ folder. But creating search service itself is not
>clear to me. Anybody got a clue to this? or any documentation for this?
>I am wondering how attribute.php are linked to my created layers for class
>definition of search attribute.
>I belive Gazetter Service are not meant for application of my type. Where I
>have to find some local point features. It seems I lost the track.
>Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.
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