[Chameleon] No image when loading the Chameleon Samples

Gail Gail.Millin at manchester.ac.uk
Tue May 24 07:35:35 EDT 2005

Hi List!


So I feel very close to getting the Chameleon samples to work after working
on the installation and configuration off and on. Just one final problem is
the map is not showing up in the mapview, the rest of the web page is
loading fine symbols etc appearing. I am wondering if this has something to
do with the MapServer configuration.


At the moment I have created mapfiles of my own which I serve out as WMS and
WCS using the below configuration in the .map file


Config 1

IMAGEPATH "C:\Mapserver\temp\"

IMAGEURL "http://camber.mc.man.ac.uk/tmp/"


When I was looking at the Chameleon .map files for the samples e.g.
chameleon.map and world_wms.map the mapfiles have the settings below


Config 2

# On Windows systems, /tmp and /tmp/ms_tmp/ should be created at the root 

# of the drive where the .MAP file resides.


  IMAGEPATH "/Inetpub/wwwroot/ms_tmp/"

  IMAGEURL "/ms_tmp/"


This configuration is not working and neither is the first configuration
which works for all my other mapfiles but not the chameleon mapfiles. I am
really confused on how to get the chameleon mapfiles configured correctly so
that they can write and display in the web client. 


I am using IIS 6 and have a virtual ms_tmp directory and virtual temp
directory both a writeable. 


Any help I would greatly appreciate


Kind Regards



Gail Rebecca Millin
Geodata Interoperability Support Officer
Manchester Computing
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


Telephone: +44 (0) 161 275 0581

E-mail: Gail.Millin at manchester.ac.uk
Website: http://www.mimas.ac.uk/spatial


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