[Chameleon] $_SESSION not acting like a $_SESSION

Bart Wood bartwood at gmail.com
Tue May 24 00:13:49 EDT 2005

Hi Everyone,
I've created a new widget called ZoomQuery that looks like this...


class ZoomQuery extends NavTool
  function ZoomQuery( )
    if( ! isset( $_SESSION[ 'ZoomQueries' ] ) )
      $this->printAlert( "Creating a BRAND NEW ZoomQuery" );
      $_SESSION[ 'ZoomQueries' ] = array( );
      // initialize the array with some stuff....
      $this->printAlert( "Using the EXISTING ZoomQuery" );

Unfortunately I whenever I do select anything on the web page which
causes a re-post of the form I create a brand new ZoomQuery because
the object doesn't appear in the $_SESSION anymore.  The $_SESSION
acts more like a $_REQUEST object.  Does anyone have any ideas how I
can fix this problem?  Any help would be appreciated.

-Bart Wood

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