[Chameleon] nested widget parameters?

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Mon May 30 08:01:48 EDT 2005

Hi list,

is the following nested structure supported for widget parameters?

<CWC2 type="WFSSearch">
  <typeName value="parcels">
    <searchField propertyname="AANDUID" label="Parcel number" />
  <typeName value="address">
    <searchField propertyname="STRAAT" label="Street" />
    <searchField propertyname="PLAATS" label="Place" />

If it is not supported, what would be best way to do this? Would extending the widget parameter parsing be an option?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Bart van den Eijnden
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tel.nr.: 015-7512436
email: BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.nl

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