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Stephan Holl sholl at gmx.net
Mon May 30 09:35:04 EDT 2005

Dear List,

I have developed a GUI with chameleon which works quite nicely. 
It is possible to feed the chameleon-template with different mapfiles
so you can display different maps quite easily. There is only one small
problem with the keymap.
I need to define a keymap-image in the mapfile and also in the cwc2-
tags to the KeyMapDHTML. So the image given in the mapfile is not used.
How can I make the widget use the given keymap-image from the mapfile?

<!-- KEYMAP -->
    <td rowspan="5" align="center">
        <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTML" image="images/keymap.png"/>
        <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTMLMode" image="icons/icon_mini_zoom.png"
imagewidth="9" imageheight="9" styleresource="MiniButton" mode="zoom"
toolset="keymap" default="true"> <image state="normal"/> <image
state="hover"/> <image state="selected">
        <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTMLMode" image="icons/icon_mini_pan.png"
imagewidth="9" imageheight="9" styleresource="MiniButton"
mode="recenter" toolset="keymap"> <image state="normal"/> <image
state="hover"/> <image state="selected">

Thanks for any hints.


Stephan Holl

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