[Chameleon] Chameleon 2.2beta2 released

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at dmsolutions.ca
Tue May 31 10:00:23 EDT 2005


Chameleon 2.2 Beta 2 is now available for download.  The changes from 
Beta 1 are mostly bug fixes. See full release notes here:


Downloads are available at



All the widgets are now translated to german.

Some widgets have been switched to a maturity level of Beta.

Bug Fixes

maptools bug 965: WMSBrowser: bug in mySearch javascript function

maptools bug 953: RemoveLayer widget: does not reset SELECTED_LAYERS 

Bug 1058: KeyMapDHTML: Do not use UniqId in IMG url.

Bug 1029: KeyMapDHTML: Fix the CWCDHTML_CreateLayer call. The 
width/height > 0

Bug 1050: Configuration: Add support for the 'AUTO' image_type

Bug 1055: Authentication: Initialize the DB in the constructor.

Bug 1054: Authentication: Make samples less MS4W dependant.

Bug 1055: Authentication: Make the authentication actually work.

Bug 1055: Authentication: Make the password to be encrypted in the DB.

Bug 1056: Set the maturity level to Beta

Add a note in the wms_parse_file about the chameleon C module

Chameleon C module: Refine Linux compilation information.

maptools bug 944: Panmap widget  - wrong extent after drag

maptools bug 1022: JSAPI: javascript error when DATA statement contains '

maptools bug 1030: scale not updated correctly in jsapi mode

maptools bug 1032: ROICircle javascript code bug (cwc_roi.js file)

maptools bug 1034, cwc_button.js: suppress alert and add null check

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