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Tim Badtke TBadtke at eastcentralrpc.org
Tue Sep 13 10:19:13 EDT 2005

I think it has something to do with the temp directories but I'm not
entirely sure of that. I ran a mapserver demo to make sure mapserver was
working properly and the way I had symlinked /var/www/html/ms_tmp to
/tmp/ms_tmp was causing problems. The images were being written but the
browser couldn't find them. I fixed that and the ms demo works fine. The
access log pointed me in the right direction. Thought that would be it,
but I still get nothing but a broken image for the chameleon demo.
Nothing is reported in the error or access log. Properties on the image
give the location as
if. There are no temp images being written to /tmp/ms_tmp/?? In /tmp/,
there are sess_ folders written.

Apache doc root is set to /var/www/html/ 
Alias myApp to /var/www/html/myApp/htdocs/

/var/www/html/chameleon/ is a symlink to /opt/chameleon/htdocs/
/var/www/html/ms_tmp/ is a symlink to /tmp/ms_tmp/ which is writable by
the web user

Thanks for taking the time to help me out, I appreciate it.

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which images are broken?  You can check your apache access log to see
what URL is being accessed for the broken images.

I suspect its just a missing alias or something.



Tim Badtke wrote:
> I got the projection errors taken care of, I didn't do a make clean 
> last week before I redid the compile for mapserver with proj. I still 
> have the problem of broken images and I'm not sure where to look. 
> Apache doesn't report anything wrong, page info in fire fox shows MAP 
> and NAV field information under the Form tab. Nothing gets written to 
> /tmp/ms_tmp/. It's writable by the web user so that isn't the problem.

> A php_info with the link to mapserver gives the canadian image and 
> writes a gif to ms_tmp. I'm not sure if I should concentrate my 
> efforts on mapserver or if it's a chameleon setting that's causing me 
> grief. Any experienced users have any input? The Redhat 9 and 
> MapServer 4.0 install guide says to copy ./sapi/cgi/php to 
> /var/www/cgi-bin/php(version). I don't know if this is my problem, but

> ./sapi/cgi/php does not exist on my server. Any input? I don't want to

> give up on chameleon and I'm sure it's probably some stupid error on 
> my part, but this is getting pretty frustrating.
> I'd appreciate any help I can get right now.
> Thank you,
> Tim
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> Did you compile Mapserver against the PROJ library (USE_PROJ)?
> Otherwise, try the FGS installer, http://www.maptools.org/fgs
> Best regards,
> Bart
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>>>>"Tim Badtke" <TBadtke at eastcentralrpc.org> 8-9-2005 16:02 >>>
> I've been trying to get chameleon going on a linux box (FC4) for a few

> days now without much luck.  I've had some errors and I've worked 
> through most of them but I think I'm stuck now and could use some
> When running the sample, I get errors in my httpd error log - 
> [MapServer Error] loadProjection(): Projection support is not 
> available.  I assume this is more of a MapServer list question, but I 
> am unable to search those archives for some reason.  I followed the 
> chameleon docs for installation of the necessary software.  If I 
> comment out the projection info in the map file, I do not get any 
> errors, but the browser just shows a broken image. Right click, 
> properties on the image shows the location to be 
> http://localhost/chameleon/chameleon.php//skins/default/images/a_pixel
> .g if  Can someone offer me some guidance? I'd appreciate it.
> Tim
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