[Chameleon] WMC 1.1.0 support

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Tue Sep 13 14:29:26 EDT 2005

> Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
> > I don't think MapServer has WMC 1.1.0 support.
> > 
> That's correct. We had an (internal) experimental version at 
> some point 
> with some of the WMS 1.1.0 and OWS context changes, but that 
> never made 
> it in the release, the release version of MapServer supports only WMC 
> 0.1.7 and 1.0.0

How much effort would this be to make happen?  Aside from the MapServer
upgrade (p.s. WMC 1.1.0 changes are mainly time support and scale

Would Chameleon need to be re-jigged to recognize these, or does the
MapServer support totally take care of processing WMC correctly for



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