[Chameleon] Visualize selected/queried layer

Davelaar, Hilbert Hilbert.Davelaar at wur.nl
Mon Sep 19 03:29:18 EDT 2005

Hi list,
I want to have certain functionality in my Chameleon application, but I'm wondering if it's possible. Maybe someone can tell me to stop trying to implement it or give me a way to do it.
I have a polygon layer in my mapfile. Using the query widget the user is able to query this layer. But now I want to visualize the polygonfeature the user has queried, so after he has clicked he still can see to which polygon the query results apply. For example by another outline of this polygon or another color. It would be great if this is possible.
Same thing I want to implement for te QuickZoom widget. From this widget the user is able to zoom to a polygon. It is possible then to show the user which is the polygon he zoomed at, instead of the fact that he has to assume its the polygon in the center of the map?
Kind regards,
Hilbert Davelaar

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