[Chameleon] Problem installing chameleon 2.2 on IIS 6.0

Inizan, Sebastien (CDS-VPI) SIN at euro.who.int
Thu Sep 22 04:49:33 EDT 2005

> Hi mates !
> I have installed php, mapscript and proj4 ... everything is running fine.
> I am trying to install chameleon and for some reasons when I execute
> chameleon.php on my server, I get a blank page; there are not a single
> output message , not even a html tag. I have checked my chameleon.xml and
> I am pretty sure I have things right. I really do not see what the problem
> is... has anyone any idea or got this problem too ? 
> I am not interested in using the MS4W package, I want to get this work in
> the manual way, help me.
> Seb.

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