[Chameleon] Developing a new widget

Fabio Zottele fabio.zottele at ing.unitn.it
Wed Apr 5 03:38:57 EDT 2006

Hi, I am Fabio zottele from Italy (University of Trento).
I am developing a new widget: the user click on the map, retrives the 
coordinate of the point and then several other funny things will happen 
(POSTGIS connections, updating remote tables, starting phisical models ...).
I am referring to the "Developing a new  Chameleon widget" in the wiki page.
Still I have some problems:

adding this code:

$szShowReport = strlen( $this->mszReport ) > 
$szJsFunctionName = "showReport";
$szFunction = <<<EOT
function {$szJsFunctionName}()
   return true;
<http://chameleon-tiki.maptools.org/$szJsFunctionName> = $szFunction;

and this code

// show report
<http://chameleon-tiki.maptools.org/%3Ci> = "showReport();\n";

and reloading the page, nothing happans. Actually a notice is thrown 
saying: "Use of undefined constant showReport".

Any help is welcome!

Thanks, Fabio

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