[Chameleon] Chameleon error

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Apr 26 07:03:08 EDT 2006


to use the generated button images, you need to create /ms4w/tmp/ 
ms_tmp/buttons directory (it isn't created automatically) and make  
sure it is writable by the web-server-user (on windows this isn't  
generally a problem).



On 25-Apr-06, at 8:46 AM, Steven De Vriendt wrote:

> Can someone help me out with this error ?
> When I open my Chameleon map I get the following error message:
> Warning: imagepng() [function.imagepng]: Unable to open '/ms4w/tmp/ 
> ms_tmp/buttons/b456a7df8c1b514117d456e788b076407.png' for writing  
> in C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\common\buttonizer\buttonizer.php  
> on line 637
> for about 20 times...
> After about 5 seconds my map shows up and the chameleon sample  
> interface, yet above the lines with the error messsages.
> Can someone help me out with this ? Is there something wrong with  
> my ms_tmp directory ?
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