[Chameleon] Anyone have file system corruptions on Windows machines running Mapscript?

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Thu Apr 27 04:15:58 EDT 2006

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Hi List,

I would like to ask whether other people running php_mapscript applications on Windows have run into any problems with file system corruptions. I'm not talking about something happening frequently, but rather over periods of 3-6 months.

We run an internal and external server, running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. We found that the machines tend to get corrupted file systems after a while, quite consistently. The registry would get corrupt, or files that are accessed by php_mapscript 4.4-4.8. (.php files, .map files, etc). Some files had characters appear in them at random (e.g. a '!' character in the middle of the mapfile, or "this->" becoming "thss->").

I know this sounds vague, but I was just wondering whether we are the only ones experiencing these type of problems. I do not expect this to be a php_mapscript problem, rather a windows issue that is more pronounced when running mapserver sites (mostly Chameleon).

One of our servers is a 3.2MHzPentium, 1GB RAM, DELL Optiplex (Workstation), no SCSI, no RAID. Traffic is not heavy, but files are big (>1GB ecw's, 300MB shapefiles, etc.). System does not get rebooted much (< 1x/month).

Best regards,


p.s. We're investigating Linux options :)

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