[Chameleon] Application "breaks" when more than 20 layers are turned on

Blaine Ray BRay at TNRC.net
Tue Dec 19 15:38:40 EST 2006

I've got a problem that I just can't seem to find a solution to..

First of all, here's my application's URL:  

On the right side of the screen, you'll see a legend displaying 22
layers (points, lines, polygons, and annotation layers).  You should be
able to turn layers on & off, pan, zoom, and query without any problems.
However, if you're using Internet Explorer, turn on more than 20 themes,
and try to pan or zoom, the application breaks...displaying an "Error on
Page" message in the footer section of the browser panel.

Here are a few related findings:
(1) I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0
(2) I don't believe it's a problem with one of my layers, because it
doesn't seem to matter which layers are turned on.  If more than 20 are
on, the application breaks.
(3) The application seems to work without any problems in Firefox.  

So I'm stuck...any suggestions??  Thanks in advance..

- Blaine

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