[Chameleon] PHP interpreter error with mod_perl installation

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Jan 3 11:15:49 EST 2006

Chameleon does not generate a file in the /tmp folder. So you should 
check directly in the drawmap.php script what is the problem. You can go 
  in chameleon/htdocs/common/wrapper/drawmap.php and put a couple of 
echo in there to see where the problem occurs. I personally suspect that 
the map->draw() function is the problem, this would mean that your 
php_mapscript.dll is corrupt I think.


Ivan Kautter wrote:
> List serv subscribers,
> I recently installed mod_perl2.0 on Apache2 web server running under 
> Windows XP home.  Since then my Chameleon-based web map application will 
> not work.  The application refuses to generate a map image and hangs at 
> the loading image GIF and no map image is to be found in the tmp 
> directory as well.  I then get an error message that says that the PHP 
> script interpreter has encountered an error and asks to send an error 
> report.  Standard Windows sort of thing.  The application was running 
> fine before installing mod_perl and I can successfully run phpinfo.php 
> which suggests that the web server can indeed access the PHP script 
> interpreter, I think.  Has anyone encountered such problems with 
> Chameleon or MapServer in general?  Thanks for any suggestions or 
> assistance offererd.
> Ivan Kautter
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