[Chameleon] query performance and weird behavior

Danna Dowdy Danna.Dowdy at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 5 09:42:44 EST 2006

I am pretty new at this so I wasn't aware of the oid field...would I 
create oid indexes on  the tables that are being used in my view?  Do I 
need to use the oid somewhere in the DATA statement or in the view?  
Thanks so much for your help...

Here is the portion of the map file...column gid does have an index on 
it as well....
            CONNECTIONTYPE postgis
            NAME "Nutrients"
            CONNECTION "user=postgres dbname=ohh_v8 host= 
            DATA "geom FROM (select myid as gid, geom, mycollid, 
mysamplingproject, mycontributor, myoriginalcollectioncode, mydatetime, 
myorigstationcode, mysystem, mycommoncreekname, mycolmethod, mynorth, 
mysouth, myeast, mywest, myfieldreplicate, myunits, mywaterdepth, 
mytidestage, myparameter, myquad, mywatershed, myprimarylandinfluence, 
mytype, myresult_numeric, myresult_text,  myparamclassid FROM 
nutrient_collections) as c USING UNIQUE gid USING SRID=4326"
                "wms_title" "OHH Nutrient Collections"
                "wms_srs" "UTM Zone 17"         
                "wms_abstract" "Oceans and Human Health Initiative"
            END # Metadata
            STATUS OFF
            GROUP "Parameter Classes"
            DUMP TRUE
            TYPE POINT
            END # Projection
            TEMPLATE "ttt_query.html"
            TOLERANCE 5
            TOLERANCEUNITS pixels
              NAME "rest"
              TEMPLATE "ttt"
                SYMBOL 'circle'
                SIZE 7
                COLOR 4 4 17
               END # Style
            END # Class
END # Nutrient Layer

Eijnden, B. van den (Bart) wrote:

>Do they all have indexes on the oid field?
>Also, what is your DATA statement in the MAP file? Does it use "USING
>UNIQUE" or not? If so, is the UNIQUE column also indexed?
>You could also turn PostgreSQL logging on, see which queries Mapserver runs
>against PostGIS, and see how fast they run in the database.
>Best regards,
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>Onderwerp: [Chameleon] query performance and weird behavior
>I am running into a couple of problems and I really hope someone can 
>help me....
>Currently, I have three different postgis layers which are coming from 
>views.  Two of them work fine, but one layer in particular just runs and 
>runs and finally returns an empty page for query results?  Anyone ever 
>experience this before? 
>Also, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction 
>for some performance tuning for query results...
>I am returning alot of results depending on the active layers chosen, 
>but sometimes it takes several minutes?
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