[Chameleon] [ka-Map-users] IE broken images

Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Sat Jan 7 22:32:43 EST 2006


I think this is related to the problem I described on the Ka-Map list, 
although I can't understand why a single image would fail due to too 
large a value for "maximum allowable simultaneous connections".
The bug for this problem is:

If this is the same problem, then it is caused by Internet Explorer 
having a value of 10,000 for the maximum allowable simultaneous 
connections. This is of course a ridiculous and impractical value. It 
would basically mean that IE sends a request for every possible object 
in the page at the same time. This can cause the webserver (be it Apache 
or IIS) to fail to satisfy all those requests, resulting in broken 
images (not just the map-image).

According to http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282402 the value 
shouldn't be this high, but yet it seems default on most up-to-date 
Windows installations I have seen (XP and 2k). To try to fix it, you 
have to edit the registry on the client (machine running IE) :

Change value of MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server and MaxConnectionsPerServer 
to something more decent (I used 4; Firefox uses 24).

I'm waiting to hear back from Microsoft on this. I hope they can fix 
this in a patch, so we don't have to put a note on all websites asking 
visitors to hack their registry. I'm tired of having to tell clients 
during demonstrations "This really doesn't normally happen, you know.... 
it's not our fault!"

Please let us know whether this fixed it for you. I'll update the bug 
once I know more from Microsoft.



 >This sounds like a problem Jacob and Bart have run into. From what
 >Jacob described recently, it may have been a problem in IIS
 >configuration ... looking for comments from Jacob :)



 >On 6-Jan-06, at 2:54 PM, Ded Moroz wrote:

 >> Hi dear community.
 >> I’ve the following strange problem on my chameleon installation.
 >> When I just send a simple request directly at a drawmap.php like:
 >> http://server/chameleon/common/wrapper/drawmap.php?
 >> map_session_mode=1&run_query=0&sid=43be7fee135b7&dummy=0.17998100
 >> +1136558079&UniqId=1136558467418989
 >> I just can see a normal map as a response. But sometimes I just get
 >> a broken image instead of a normal picture of my map. The strange
 >> thing is when I just made a request like already showed and I push
 >> the F5 it reloads the map but sometime it shows me the broken image
 >> as a response! . This error happens only when I use the IE 6.0. On
 >> Firefox or Opera every reload of the drawmap.php is successful and
 >> this error also takes place only when I request huge JPEG images
 >> (1000 x 600 Px). The error.log on my Apache server doesn’t
 >> subscribe any errors and when I try to simulate the same error
 >> directly on the server (http://localhost/chameleon/common/wrapper/
 >> drawmap.php?...) it just doesn’t happen. So I suspect that the
 >> error is maybe in the properties of the client or in the properties
 >> of my network.
 >> Thanks.
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