[Chameleon] New user help - missing widget images and double slashes in urls

mfyahya mfyahya at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 11:59:18 EST 2006

Hi all,
I just started with chameleon today and after several hours of tinkering I
got  the sample maps working. The widgets are very impressive, but most of
the images in the browser are showing up broken for me. eg in
sample_basic_jsapi.phtml,  the panning controls' images, the legend image
(with title attribute 'update map'), and tools image (with title 'Display
Error') don't show up. The legend bar only shows up when I click on the
small keymap at the bottom of the page.
In the sample_enhanced_themelegend.phtml application the legend bar doesn't
show up at all, and the zoom/pan controls above the map show up without
images, although the controls themselves work. All other sample apps have
missing images as well.

I looked in my images tmp directory and there are a bunch of png images with
numerical names like this 11375094114661.png, however in the browser most of
the missing images have links with longer filenames with letters as well as
numbers in them.

I get this php notice  several times on each application page: "only
variables should be assigned by reference in
usr/local/gis/chameleon/htdocs/TemplateParser.php on line 197". I have
E_NOTICE errors turned off in php.ini so I guess the chameleon code must be
turning it on again. Is this notice a problem?

I also saw in the page html source that several links have two forward
slashes in them like this:

I'm using chameleon 2.0.1, mapserver 4.6.2, apache 1.3, php 4.4.1,  firefox
1.0.7 under Suse 10

Did I miss something in the configuration? Should I use chameleon
2.2instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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