[Chameleon] Install 2.4 - Image Placeholders

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Mon Jul 17 11:57:18 EDT 2006

Cook, Paul wrote:

> I hope that I am responding correctly.  This is my first time using a 
> mailing list.  If I am not let me know.
> I did copy the skins folders.  When I check the source of the page 
> with all of the image placeholders I find that the link is 
> "<textbuttonborder_topleft_image value="borders/border_tl_1.png"/>" 
> which is not right.  The borders are about 3 folders above the htdocs 
> folder, I have never been good with the whole relative path thing, see 
> below.
> C:\ms4w\apps\test\htdocs\skins\sample\borders\border_tl_1.png
> What file controls the path to the images? Map, phtml, html, conf file?

If the original file path is absolute, it will be used as is.  If the 
path is relative the following rules applies:

     * 1. relative to app path in skin search paths
     * 2. relative to app path
     * 3. relative to chameleon in skin search paths
     * 4. relative to chameleon
You can specify the paths to the skin in the pthml file with the 
registerSkin method (e.g. $oApp->registerSkin( 'skins/sample', 
'/path/to/myskin );)

> As for the PHP log files where are they located?  I did find the 
> "C:\ms4w\Apache\logs\error.log" which contained these errors from this 
> morning when I loaded my app to check on the path of the images.
Where to find the php error log file is specified in the php.ini file.  
You should find the following lines:

; As stated above, you're strongly advised to use error logging in place of
; error displaying on production web sites.
log_errors = On
; Log errors to specified file.
;error_log = filename



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