[Chameleon] Manage WMS Servers widget shows "cache_mlt" errors,results in no WMS data layers

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Mon May 8 20:20:23 EDT 2006


> The extension or the wmsparse utility does not 
> replace all the code in server_data_manager.php, only the code in the 
> parseCapabilities() function.

If the extension (and wmsparse.exe) only replace the parseCapabilities
function, then theoretically Bart should be running into the same
problem. Bart, do you not use the "server manager" tool to add WMS
servers? Because that is where the error occurs (on adding a server).

So I do not think that this has to do with the problem. As far as I can
tell, anyone using the "Manage Servers" tool would run into this.

> I think the right way to fix that bug would be to modify the 
> PHP parsing 
> to support the metadataURL functionality since the others 
> seems to work. 

I'm not sure where to get the correct values from for mdu_type,
mdu_format and mdu_url to place them into the capabilities DBF...

> Note that I strongly suggest anyone that want the WMSBrowser 
> widget in 
> their application to use the wmsparse utility. It is a lot 
> more faster. 
> It is supposed to be there on windows at:
> /ms4w/apps/chameleon/htdocs/common/wmsparse/win32/wmsparse.exe

I have tried changing settings for the path to wmsparse.exe, but I
experienced no performance change (not even when removing wmsparse.exe
altogether) The wms_parse_file setting in the context is ignored if it
is wrong (by default, it will be wrong for a Windows installation). The
path is then set dynamically to wmsparse.exe, relative to the
"/common/phpwms" directory. So that should be fine.



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