[Chameleon] Some functional questions

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) bartvde at xs4all.nl
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that's a quite a list, I have numbered them so it is easier to reference.

1) pie charts should be possible with Mapserver, Steve Lime posted an
example about a year ago on the Mapserver list.

2) I don't get what you want exactly but you could duplicate Chameleon
applications and show them in different iframes

3) Not out of the box, there is a widget though in Chameleon which is
called MapNotes. A user can click in the map, add some text and a
shapefile is created in the user's session.

4) This could be done using SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor). There is a
widget which can change colors/patterns for existing classes, but not for
making a new classification AFAIK. It could be done though using

5) Yes this should be possible.

6) See 3), for points this is available out of the box, but not for
lines/polygons. Again, it could be created. The Walter Zorn library could
be used for drawing the lines/polygons, or the current ROI tools could be

7) I don't know of any out of the box functionality. Mapscript with GEOS
can do buffering AFAIK. A new widget would need to be created though.

8) This is possible using the MapNotes widget

9) I don't think this is possible. If it would be supported by OGR (check
the drivers page somewehre at www.gdal.org), it could be done. But
probably a driver would need to be created for OGR.

10) CSV is supported by OGR so could be drawn by Mapserver. Look at the
GDAL/OGR page for details. I don't know for sure if this is limited to
points though.

11) Not possible directly, but maybe you can find a stylesheet (XSLT) from
transforming GML to KML. Maybe the Geoserver project has such a stylesheet

12) Yes, no problem.

13) Yes this is possible (widget is called ExpressionBuilder)

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

> Hi all,
> Currently, I'm working on the technical design of an application, for
> which Chameleon/MapServer is considered to be a candidate, together with
> the commercial products of ESRI and Intergraph. The clients would like to
> use open source software, but only if possible.
> There are some (ok, quite some... ;) functionalities of which I'm not sure
> they are supported by Chameleon/MapServer Also, I'm not very experienced
> in GIS, so I'm still trying to get a feeling of what is 'normal' GIS
> functionality and what's not. Maybe you can answer my questions?
> / possibility to draw data as a bar or circle chart on the (thematical)
> map.
> / possibility to show more than one map at a time.
> / Possibility for users to add their own thematical data. This data should
> only be visible for the user that enters the data and can be removed when
> the user logs off.
> / let the (web)user dynamically change the class borders of the legend.
> / let the user change the legend's colors (the colors of the map)
> dynamically.
> / let the user draw points/lines/polylines on the map, at certain
> coordinates, with the possibility to add (identifying) texts to the
> points. These points/lines/polylines should only be visible for the user
> that enters them and can be removed when the user logs off.
> / draw buffers around the points/lines/polylines, with a user specifyable
> radius.
> / possibility to add text to the points.
> / Import points/polylines in GPX format
> / Import points/polylines in CSV format
> / Export map to Google Earth format (KML)
> / Show aerial imagery behind the map (the map becomes transparent).
> / Let the user select geographical objects by query (value > n and value <
> m)
> This is quite a list, but if someone can answer only one, I'm already
> helped.
> Cheers,
> Hilbert
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