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Pascoe,Tim [Burlington] Tim.Pascoe at ec.gc.ca
Wed May 10 16:44:49 EDT 2006

I'm trying to set my Chameleon app to use Proj from a location other than C:\. I'm currently running Chameleon 2.4, Mapserver 4.8, Mapscript 4.8, and PHP 5.1.2 on Windows 2003.

I tried setting a simple PATH to the new Proj location, but Chameleon simply returns a blank page, with an error in the log stating that it could not find the projection library.

I also tried using the CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "path/to/proj" in my map file, with the same results. If I move Proj back to C:\, all is well however.

Can anyone point to what I am doing wrong, or to a solution which will work? It's not imperative, but I am trying to consolidate all my mapserver files to simplify updates, etc.


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