[Chameleon] Modifying the form inside of QueryResults

Abbott,Arthur Arthur.Abbott at nscc.ca
Fri May 12 10:50:52 EDT 2006

I'm currently tinkering around inside of the QueryResults.phtml file. I've managed to find and extract a url which points to an image from a layer. I would now like to use that url to change an image that resides in the template file. The following is a snippet from QueryResult.
       // Check if there's any result
            $url = findURL($oResultSet);
            if($url != "")
              //display the image in the popup window
              $szResults .= "<img SRC='";
              $szResults .=$url;
              $szResults .= "'";
            else         //else perform the query as normal.
            $szResults = formatQueryResults( $oResultSet, $aszLayers, 
                                             $aszTitles );            
Is there a way to access the form from inside QueryResult? Is so, how?
Thanks in advance,
Arthur Abbott

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