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If i'm using Postgis instead of shapefiles what can i do??


If you are using shapefiles, you should be able to put the links in
the attributes.
The attribute would be a string, of the form:

<A HREF='fileToLinkTo.mpg' TARGET=#>Click to view movie</A>

If you are using excel, you can use the concatenate function to have a
fixed beginning of the string, vary the link and the name, and have a
fixed ending. Concatenate them, and place it in one cell, then save to
DBF. That is the easiest way to automate it.

This should work, because we did it ourselves too.



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Thank you, Paul, for the tips.  I'll try to better explain what it is
I want to do.

I would like to be able to offer a link to another website from within
the pop-up query window.  (E.g. A user would select the query tool,
click on a point, which has standard attributes displayed in the query
window but is also associated with an online movie or an online
database.)  But I would like the link to appear associated with the
query result or layer to which it applies (perhaps in an additional
result cell or in the same bar as the layer title).  Ideally, clicking
on this link in the query window will open the specified URL in
another browser window.

Since widgets can't really be embedded within one another, I am
guessing the Query widget will need to be further modified.  A
colleague of mine and I modified it already to show a photo in the
bottom of the query window, the title of which is specified in the dbf
file for the layer.  My first thought was to somehow build on this
functionality (using the dbf to hold the URLs), but it appears to be a
much more complicated task.

Several colleagues are helping me to figure this one out and we would
really appreciate any direction you could offer.  Thank you much!

Jennifer Zeisloft
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