[Chameleon] Postgres Locate By Attribute

Robert Male robm at thuringowa.qld.gov.au
Wed May 24 18:22:00 EDT 2006

Hello List,

I would like to locate features in my Chameleon application by
populating a list from an attribute in a Postgis table. For example,
I would like to generate a list of street names (probably in a Popup)
and then zoom to the selected street.

I have done this in a previous application I was playing with using only
php/mapscript, but i have no idea where to begin to incorporate this in
my Chameleon application.

The app I'm playing with now is at

Be warned, it is as slow as a dog, especially from  2200 UTC  through to
0700 UTC ( Office Hours).

Any help with this or anything else noticed on the app would be greatly


Rob Male
Senior GIS Analyst 

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