[Chameleon] LocateByAttribute in Postgis

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Thu Nov 2 03:01:27 EST 2006

Hi Fons,
That error is because the query result tries to outline the polygon
using a circle symbol. Obviously that symbol ought to be defined on the
fly, in case it doesn't exist in the symbolset. But for some reason I
forgot to implement that for polygon layer results (I did for line and
points). Bit stupid. I have fixed this in CVS.
I will send you an updated file off-list.


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	Hi Bart, Jacob,

	Thanks for the tips,


	The first thing I tried I followed the advise from Bart.

	Just noticed something else, you are using a string column as
the unique column. I believe Mapserver cannot deal with this.


	Try USING UNIQUE oid instead


	I changed the string field column to a unique one. (USING UNIQUE
oid) and I got one match returned, so this problem is fixed.

	The map doesn't yet zoom to that location. Some errors about,
(Warning: [MapServer Error]: msLoadMap(): Undefined overlay symbol
"circle" in class 0, style 0 of layer Queryresult. In) I'll haven't got
the time to look into that. 











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