[Chameleon] ExpressionBuilder example

gianluigi nozza gianluigi.nozza at tiscali.it
Fri Oct 6 13:31:12 EDT 2006

Hello Chameleons...
I'am trying to implement a locate feature function based upon a user
expression. something like this: Show me all the features of the user
selected shapefile corresponding to Area > UserValue. If I am right this can
be accomplished by using Expressionbuilder widget. Unfortunatelly this is
not a well documented widget, so I am wondering if some of you have a small
example (or a step by step miniguide) to share. Thank you in advance.

Another question.
Widget output misplacement
This is a very courious question. !!!
I have two identical MS4W installation with Chameleon 2.4.1.
Both are on WindowsXP SP2, one is my personal notebook, the other is an old
notebook, newly formatted and setup as a try web server.
When I point to the sample application on my localhost, the output is what
you expect, while when I point out to the same files on the Web Server
(accessed over Internet or by Lan from the first notebook) some elements are
Particularly I have noticed misplacement of the keymap and Keymap_zoom/pan
minibuttons, which goes hidden behind the keymap. Besides, keymap hides some
element of the reference map (the extent parameters on the left of the
table). The effect is the same using Explorer or Firefox.
Same installation, different output results. Any clues ?

P.S. I was missing the list for a long while, I am impressed by Chameleon

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