[Chameleon] Scales and printing

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Mon Sep 25 19:38:51 EDT 2006

Hi Tyler,

I had a look at your site, but I'm not sure if I see the problem. The
image I received from the print-production had the exact same size and
extent. The scalebar was off by 1%, by this problem disappeared when I
changed extent, so it must be rounding. The print production does not
change the mapfile resolution anywhere, as far as I can tell.

Under what circumstances are the scales not equal?




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> Hi all,
> I'm using chameleon 2.2 on this site:
> http://maps.timberline.ca/okifpa
> and am quite happy with it from a functionality stand point.
> My only problem at present is with scales - I have set my output image
> size from printproduction to be equal to the map image size in the
> application.  But the resulting scales between the onscreen map and
> printproduction output are not equal.
> I suspect that either I need to be using slightly different image size
> or there is some mismatched between image resolution.
> Any ideas?
> Tyler
> p.s. I couldn't find any discussion about this in the archives, but
> please point me to it if you know of any
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