[Chameleon] querying multiple shapefiles

Matt Salen matt at cgfbrokerage.com
Mon Aug 13 12:55:43 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Having a bit of a problem and hoping someone could help me out

I'll give a bit of an explanation as to what I'm doing first so things make
more sense.  I am trying to create a map that can be used as a custom search
tool for my companies web site.  

First what I was wondering is if there is a way for mapserver to
automatically color different shapefiles based on say 5 or 6 different color
values instead of having to do it manually (as I have about 21 main
shapefiles then anywhere from 10-20 shapefiles within those it will take me
a long time to code each one and make it look good).but the coloring would
have to be based on cartography rules (no two colors should share a border).

The second thing I need to do (and this is the more important) is to have
the user be able to select multiple shapefiles from those visible on the
screen (when the user zooms in the shapefiles within the larger ones become
visible but not until smallest extent is reached) and then be able to click
a "search" button and have the webserver send a message to our database to
return a result.

Lastly what I am hoping to eventually be able to do is create a network
analysis type of application where a user can select one city from a pull
down list and then a second city and then click a calculate button to give a
result as to the distance between each (its for trucking so we can figure
out freight costs).

For the multiple shapefile search I have gotten an answer already just not
sure how to properly impletment it in chameleon.  This site:

Has an example of a multiple search and been told I need to use a query
header, footer, and template file just not sure how to properly build these
and get them to work with my map.  If anyone could help it would be


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