[Chameleon] PHP/MapServer/PROJ issue, Invalid or no access to template/context

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Tue Aug 21 15:03:49 EDT 2007

Maciej Sieczka wrote:


It's me talking to myself again :). The epsg 42304 code is no longer a
problem, as I have written in my post in the thread several weeks ago.
Now, FWIW and for the thread thread completeness, I'm letting know that
I got it what are these lines which I also complained about:

> Also, the temporary *.php files in my /ms_tmp/ are full of:
> <?php
> $this->aszMLT['core'] = array();
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA'] = array();
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['0'] = 'FATAL ERROR: Invalid or no
> access to template';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['1'] = 'ERROR: You don\'t have
> permission to change template.';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['2'] = 'ERROR: Invalid or no access to
> context';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['3'] = 'ERROR: You don\'t have
> permission to change context.';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['4'] = 'ERROR: Invalid map file.';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['5'] = 'WARNING: Invalid maturity level
> in chameleon.xml.  Contact your administrator';
> $this->aszMLT['core']['en-CA']['6'] = 'WARNING: Login Failed -
> Incorrect Username and/or Password';
> What template and context files does it want to change? I have tried
> whatever I thought could be related in the CWC2 and Chameleon
> configuration, access rights to folders etc. but my blind guesses don't
> help.

These are, apparently, pieces of PHP code generated by Chameleon; valid
and on their place.

Now, if I only knew the answers to my questions asked in [1] I would be
a happy man.



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