[Chameleon] Help on extending QueryResults in the Query Widget

LITTLE Nelson nelson.little at tenix.com
Wed Aug 29 21:23:12 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Some background: 

I am trying to extend the Query widget by manipulating the formatValue()
function in QueryResults.phtml. Basically I search the $value for a
special value (eg "more_info://") and if that value is found I then
manipulate the $retVal to be something like:

<a ref="test_query.phtml?mac=blah" target="_new">link</a>

This allows for the above embedded link to appear in the Query Results
page which the user can now click to give more detailed results.

So far so good...


I wish the test_query.phtml to have the same look and feel as the
QueryResults.phtml page for consistency. How do I go about this? I
notice that in the construction of the QueryResults.phtml page it uses
things like:

1. <title><?php echo $oMLT->get( 'QueryResults', '3', 'Query Results' );

2. <link href="<?php echo $szCSSFile; ?>" rel="stylesheet"

3. <script language="JavaScript" src="<?php echo
$_SESSION['gszCoreWebPath']; ?>/widgets/js/cwc_dhtml.js"

4. $szHTML .= makeButton( 'closeWindow', '', 'Query',
"images/icon_close.png", $oMLT->get( 'common', 'Close', 'Close' ),
$oMLT->get( 'common', 'CloseTip', 'Close Dialog' ), array( 'width' => 75
) );

How do I incorporate those things in my "test_query.phtml" page? 

Any help most gratefully appreciated.


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