RV: [Chameleon] Custom Widget, problem showing Point Layer

Ines mleonsoft at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jan 4 14:02:33 EST 2007

Hello, thank you very much!!! I can´t believe it. I can see the point in the
map!! my widget is working very very well now. It is really a success. Again
thank you. I want to collaborate with chemeleon making a little manual to
make the points dynamic with a widget if you want to publish it like an
example of "Draw point layer dynamic in the map with widgets". What do you

Now I need to ask you, I need to show a text with the point in the widget.
TEXT "My Place"     in the point layer of the file.map.

I looked for in the Map server web page and I didn´t found a method to do
it. Do you know some method to do it? I think it could be:

----------- $this->text = 'My Point
text'; -----------------------------------------------

            $poLayer =
		$pt = ms_newPointObj();
   		$ln = ms_newLineObj();
		$shp = ms_newShapeObj(MS_SHAPE_POINT);



Thank you very much

In the widget definition in the template:
       <image state="normal"/>
       <image state="hover"/>
       <image state="selected"/>


Ines wrote:
> Sorry, I don´t understand where to insert that line in the code
> (SubmitOnClick="true"). Do you mean in the "function UUW" or in "draw
> publish"? I put that line in "function UUW" but my application show me an
> error:
> function UUW()
>     {
>         // set the language file
>         $this->mszLanguageResource = dirname(__FILE__).'/UUW.dbf';
>         // invoke constructor of parent
>         parent::NavTool();
> 		$this->SetNavCommand('UUW');
> TRUE: ----------------------------------------------------------
> 		SubmitOnClick="true";
> 		$this->maAttributes['COORDS'] =
>             new StringAttribute( 'COORDS', true, array( 'aa' ) );
>         // set the description for this widget
>         $this->szWidgetDescription = <<<EOT
> This is the UUW.
> EOT;
>         // set the maturity level
>         $this->mnMaturityLevel = MATURITY_ALPHA;
>     // end constructor
>     }
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> Hi,
> Sorry for that. I did not realize you wanted to submit the page as soon
> as you click on it. Simply add SubmitOnClick="true" in the widget
> declaration.
> Does it do the trick?
> Julien
> Ines wrote:
>>Hello, thank for your answer. I added that line but my widget does not
> even
>>work. Simply don't do nothing. When I click the button of the widget my
>>application don't do nothing. The map don't update. I send you the
> complete
>>code of my widget.
>>I´m sending you The point Layer in the file.map, The cwc2 tag in the
>>template.html, and The code complete in the UUW.widget.php
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