RV: [Chameleon] Custom Widget, read value of input text in Draw Publish

Ines mleonsoft at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jan 8 12:37:28 EST 2007

Thanks again, it works with: $shp->set('text', 'My Place');
I'll make the tutorial to add it to the wiki.

I need to solve another thing now. I created an "input text" in the function
"Draw publish". And I need to know how to take the value from that input
text. I tried  with the POST method in  "ParseURL" function but it don´t
read the value of the input text. Do you know How can I read the value of
the input text in the widget? I need to take that value in the Parse URL
function. I need to write something in the input text, and when I click the
widget button, take that value in Parse URL to use it like a variable.

function DrawPublish()
        // init vars
        $szReturn = "<font color='#000000' size='2' face='Arial, Helvetica,
sans-serif'>Search by scientific name </font><input type='text'
name='especie'>        ";

        // execute parent
        $szReturn .= parent::DrawPublish();

        // return
        return $szReturn;

    // end DrawPublish() function

In Parse URL I think it could be:

$this->lb=$_POST[especie];   //---------------> But it don't work, POST
don't read the value of "especie" input.

$poLayer = $this->moMapObject->oMap->getLayerByName('pointlatlon');
$poLayer->set("status", MS_ON);
$pt = ms_newPointObj();
$ln = ms_newLineObj();
$shp = ms_newShapeObj(MS_SHAPE_POINT);
$shp->set("text", $this->lb);

Thank you very much

Ines wrote:
> Hello, thank you very much!!! I can´t believe it. I can see the point in
> map!! my widget is working very very well now. It is really a success.
> thank you. I want to collaborate with chemeleon making a little manual to
> make the points dynamic with a widget if you want to publish it like an
> example of "Draw point layer dynamic in the map with widgets". What do you
> think?

Great idea! You can probably easily add that to the wiki:

> Now I need to ask you, I need to show a text with the point in the widget.
> Like:
> TEXT "My Place"     in the point layer of the file.map.

Does $shp->set('text', 'My Place'); works?

Julien-Samuel Lacroix

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