[Chameleon] Problem with query

Gurman,Mark [Ontario] Mark.Gurman at ec.gc.ca
Thu Jan 25 10:35:06 EST 2007


I recently started as a co-op student working with Map Server and

We run two servers, a development one, and a production one.

We were previously using an SQL database to power our information, but
recently moved to Oracle.  When we moved to Oracle we had to switch the
name of one of the queried fields that was generating a dynamic legend
along the top of the map because the field used a protected name.

The change works and is implemented on the developmental server,
however, with the change to the column data name, it no longer properly
updates the dynamic legend at the top (due to the differing column

I have searched for a long time, but have been unable to find out where
such a thing is found within the large chameleon directories.

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