[Chameleon] Adding data points to the MS4W sample Map from a text file

Persaud,Bruce [Ontario] Bruce.Persaud at ec.gc.ca
Mon Jul 16 13:39:15 EDT 2007


I have MS4W running on my computer and I now have the:
Chameleon Sample - Enhanced Widgets, with Buttonizer and Template
Running on my http://localhost/myapp/index.phtml
I don't want to make any changes to the map except for the title which I
know how to do.

I want to add simple data points with or without labels to the map from
a text file.  These do not have to be querable or anything special.
The text file is extremely simple containing: 
station, lat, long

Is this possible to do without programming or web development
I can't find any documentation relating to "Adding points to a chameleon

I have also tried copy and pasting the script
maps.pdf on page 6/7 into my chameleon.php?
It doesn't do anything but what they describe is exactly what I want to

I'd imagine this is a really simple request, so any help would be
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