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Brent Lund Brent.Lund at state.mn.us
Tue Mar 6 12:33:54 EST 2007


I'm finally getting around to implementing the mapsize tool you've

I've made the changes to cscjsapi.js and UpdateMap.php as you
instructed.   My initial attempt at using the template you provided
generated the following script error:

"goCWCJSAPI is not defined"   MapDHTML.js (line 694).   

Line 694 is found in MapWRegisterForEvent:

function MapWRegisterForEvent()
 goCWCJSAPI.RegisterEvent(MAP_EXTENT_CHANGED, "MapWMapExtentsChanged");

What did I miss?



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it seems the test of this message was ommitted in the posting that
come through. I'm resending the text portion only (see below) as plain
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please contact me directly.



> Hello list,
> I've had a couple of requests about how we made the map resize
> with a window resize in our applications
> see http://nlwis-snite1.agr.gc.ca/eco/ for an example
> application.
> I agree it could be written a bit better - but I don't have a lot of
> for doing that before posting, so instead I will pass off what I hope
is all
> the files I affected for this functionality.  I've included a template
> with css and js files that create a wireframe of the application with
> MapDHTML and CompassPoint Widgets.  I've also included the snippits
from the
> cwcjsapi.js and UpdateMap.php that I added.  The snippit in cwcjsapi
is a
> function, so it's no important where exactly it goes in the file.  the
> snippit in UpdateMap should happen just before the
> line (~ 750 something).
> The positioning of these elements is done first with CSS and then the
> resizing is done with JavaScript.  The positioning is relative to
> components, so leaving the wireframe in helps to see how that is done.
> Really the javascript should be with the widget and not separate like
I have
> it.  I started out having it separate and havn't had a chance to move
it in.
>  When something works, it's hard to start breaking it ;-)
> Feel free to run with the code - if you make improvements, I wouldn't
> hearing about them.  Also, please don't hesitate to post folllow up
> questions.  I did this assembling in haste and i might have missed
> or not it explained it well enough.
> Cheers,
> Liz Godwin
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