[Chameleon] Smooth panning

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) bartvde at osgis.nl
Mon Mar 12 05:23:17 EST 2007

Hi Dejan,

I've created a set of widgets which integrate OpenLayers with Chameleon,
although there are some things in it which can be specific to our use case,
so you might need to adapt a few things. It is based on OpenLayers 2.3RC2
but with some patches applied. The OpenLayers.js file that I used is in the

So use it at your own risk!


Feedback is always welcome.

Best regards,

Bart van den Eijnden
OSGIS, Open Source GIS

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> Bart, can you share some experience on 
> this?
> &nbsp;
> cheers
> &nbsp;
> dejan
> From: Paul Spencer 
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> AMTo: Gambin DejanSubject: Re: [Chameleon] Smooth 
> panning
>   Hi Gambin,Bart has done a first pass at integrating 
>   OpenLayers into Chameleon with some success I believe (although for WMS 
>   only).We are currently trying to figure out a technical plan for a 
>   potential Chameleon 3.0 and the big feature of 3.0 would be a much
better AJAX 
>   mode.&nbsp; This could happen in a number of ways, but once we decide on
>   technical direction and secure some funding, I expect it will happen
>   quickly.In the mean time, maybe Bart will share his experience? 
>   CheersPaul
>   On 3/2/07, Gambin 
>   Dejan &lt;Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr&gt; wrote:
>   Hi,As 
>     I am not such a skilled developer, I have to ask the others - howmuch 
>     effort would it take to have a "smooth panning" feature as forexample 
>     ka-map or openlayers? Is it possible at all? I find it very 
>     nice/interesting and I would very much like to develop it, but I 
>     evendon't know where to start. So any information/advice on this topic

>     willbe very welcome.regards, 
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