»Ø¸´£º [FGS] Re: [Chameleon] Problems whit fgs-chameleon_2.2.1-1.3-linux-i386.bin

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Fri Mar 23 12:29:38 EST 2007

Daniel Muñoz Castro wrote:

> Normand,
> I have did that you told me, I tryed many ways
>   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/libproj.so
>   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/libproj
>   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/proj
>   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/"
>   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib"

I don't think you point to the right place.  The proj lib in fgs is 
under the share directory.  It has to be something like:



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