[Chameleon] LocateByAttribute and WebGIS Analysis

Ilham Adi Afdillah ilham.adi at gmail.com
Wed May 9 21:14:57 EDT 2007

Hi Jacob and list,

Jessica Fendos (on Wed Mar 21 16:48:17 2007) may have ask this(first)
1. I try to add more field for the other criteria of my query (multiple
For the example :
*First Criteria :* I want the user can search on LAYER1 from field SIZE,
then they input the size of the area in text field,
and the *second criteria* : I want the user can search on same layer
(LAYER1) from field TYPE then they input blabla.. in text field.
so the result will match that 2 criteria.
Can you tell me the step by step to realize this, because I'm not really
good enough in php?.

2. is that query on LocateByAttribute use SQL operators 'AND' by default or
if I have to change it by myself, which file/line should I change to get the
multiple query result that using 'AND' SQL operators. I need to add it if
the first question can be realize. Because I'm feel it will can be used to
GIS Analysis on the web.

3. How Can I used the 'Match Case' and/or 'Macth Word Only' in the
LocateByAttribute widget.

Note : I store data in PostGIS/PostgreSQL

Best Regards,

Ilham Adi A.
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