[Chameleon] debugging chameleon in Zend Environment

Anand Akmanchi anandakmanchi at gmail.com
Fri May 25 04:50:08 EDT 2007

Hi team and list members,

Its been a month now since I am learning PHP and Chameleon
the tutorials in the packaged version helped me a lot

I am using the Zend Development Environment for PHP and wondering if
it is possible to trace the execution of chamelon right from its

the thing I want to do is to look at the innards of chameleon in a
step-over debugging mode
is it possible?

i expect it would be a lot of work to do that but I want to start with
a bare minimum chameleon application and look at its execution step by

if possible how I should i create my ZEND project, i mean which files
do i have to include,..
is it the whole /ms4w/apps/chameleon directory?
do i need something more?

Anand Akmanchi
PhD Student, Department of Environmental Science
University of Pune

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