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Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at LUA.Brandenburg.de
Tue Oct 2 03:59:14 EDT 2007

Dear List,

as I posted few times I am still lacking of knowledge concerning WMS and Chameleon.
My basic question:
Is it usual that the sample OGC Widgets, with XMLThemeLegend not display the layers of dmsolutions?
-I see an empty main frame. No polygons, no rasters.
-same performance in MS4W 2.2.6 Chameleon 2.6 and MS4W 1.6, Chameleon 2.4
Possibly I mis one setting (configuration Apache)???
Specific question:
Can someone send me the part of a mapfile with working WMS for "static" WMS integration in order to proof my system (installation and configuration).


By the way:
I like to say THANKS A LOT for much of support and help. It is not matter of course!
I am quite convinced by the Chameleon Application and want to see its limits, that is why I post such a lot of questions and demands.

Robert Buchholz
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