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Hi Bill,
I select a layer (.shp) by the checkbox, I can identify its features by
the i-button (identify feature) at the nav tools.
At the ROItools I use the button "Define a ROI  by selecting existing
features" and click to the same feature as before and
->nothing happens by clicking in with the mouse. 
If I click and move the mouse a black circle with a black bar is
I do not know what is the 
-add mode
-replace Mode
-substract mode
I can not stop the 
-rectangular tool
-circle tool
The "clear selected query area" is not clearing.
The chameleon error report looks like disabled. ->Warnings->No Errors
(how to enable?)
error.log of Apache states:
[client] File does not exist:
Does this help?


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Can you be more specific as to what error you are getting?





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Hi Bill,


Ok, if I have this file. Then this widget that sets the active layer?

In my case it is the LegendTemplate.html, because I added the
CustomTreeLegend widget.

The LegendTemplate.html states:

...onclick="CWCSelectLayer('[leg_layer_name]', true)"...

Can I assume that this widget sets the active layer???

If yes, the error as mentioned in your link is still there and I do not
have a idea how to improve -get Select by feature/Buffer working-

If not, what to look for?


I hope to get this run by yours and lists experiance,




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