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Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at
Fri Oct 12 05:24:47 EDT 2007

>This message doesn't say a lot.  I don't get that error when I query
the sample ogc layers but I got no result.  If you get an image when 
>you type in the following URL in your browser it means that you're able
to access DM Solutions WMS server and your problem is with your 
>Chameleon installation.  Did you install Chameleon with ms4w?  Which
version of Chameleon and MapServer do you have?  I suggest maybe to 
>reinstall Chameleon again.

Hello Norm,

Your link is working with IE and Firefox. So I have access to the server
of DM Solutions.
I did install on C:\ MS4W 2.2.6 (Mapserv 5.0.0)with Chameleon 2.6.0rc1
and I did a reinstallation. 
-No change-

Concerning the configuration I just changed:
- Apache httpd.conf (line 53 to-> Listen 8080)

Did I miss something?
I had the same problem with earlier versions of MS4W and Chameleon. If
you use other verions with working WMS at the Sample OGC it might be
worth a try on my system.


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