[Chameleon] Go Back/Go Forward Widget in JSAPI Mode

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Thu Sep 6 14:17:53 EDT 2007

Nolte, Tim wrote:

>Does anyone know how to get the Go Back & Go Forward widgets to work in
>JSAPI mode? I'm working to improve the performance of my Chameleon
>application and really like what I have now with using the JSAPI mode,
>however I also really liked giving users the ability to step back to
>their previous zooms. Any help would be appreciated.

Normally it should work.  Did you try with sample_enhanced application 
in which you need to add the jsapi widget?

<cwc2 type="cwcjsapi" debug="false"/>
<cwc2 type="SharedResource" name="CWCJSAPI"/>


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