[Chameleon] Chameleon on Debian etch Linux

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Fri Sep 7 11:52:33 EDT 2007

VijayGanti wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. That was most helpful. I just copied the attachment in
> the directory indicated and renamed it to php_dbase.so. The version of php i
> am using is and so it worked straightaway.


I had less luck and could not find a prebuilt shared dbase lib that
would fit my php 5.1.2 on Ubuntu Dapper. If anyone has the same
problem, here's how to solve it:

eg. in your $HOME:

sudo apt-get build-dep php5
mkdir tmp_php
cd tmp_php
apt-get source php5

Edit tmp_php/php5-5.1.2/debian/rules adding --enable-dbase=shared to
the COMMON_CONFIG section.

cd php5-5.1.2
sudo fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage

This procedure applies distro specific patches and rebuilds the php5
with dbase support as a shared library "dbase.so". As far I can tell
the file is not included in any of the packages which are created
though. One has to copy the file manually from
apache2-build/modules/dbase.so as php_dbase.so to php extensions dir.
On Dapper it's /usr/lib/php5/20051025.

I believe that dowloading an appropriate php version from
http://www.php.net/releases/ and:

./configure --enable-dbase=shared

should also create a matching dbase.so, but I wanted to keep as close
to my distro source code as possible.


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